Mireze Aerts, artiste peintre

Arié Mandelbaum qui rappelle que l’évidence rétinienne de toute peinture véritable dissimule toujours une autre profondeur qui demande à être déchiffrée : regarder n’est pas voir.

"Mireze Aerts is a painter in the contemporary sense of the attitude of a painter!

                               “My painting is close to me – coherent with who I am”

Kirkeby tell us:

“The world has an image of the artist, and just as inevitably this image is mode out of clichés, the worst, and most banal, are easy to handle, sometimes amusing and even ironic… the most complicated and dangerous elements of this image, however, are those which concern what the artist produces, and not the accomplished piece as this one demands to be seen and reflected pan; the most complicated and dangerous elements rely and what one thinks is the engine, the intention and the method of the artist”.
What about Mireze Aerts?
I have to step back to penetrate the essence of that question, so intrinsical to the activity of the painter, the desire of the painter, the little tone that one plays and which becomes the engine of that energy, made out of all the working gestures that induce the art peace, and where the intention finds precision,.
Which is its nature, what is the complexity she wants to share, supposing there is a equivalence of both glanes (which I doubt of) in her recent work. Most of the times, either through a figure-presence or two (the couples), she tries to create a depth, a “perspective”, not by deepening the classic cube in order to include the glance (the watcher) into the pictorial space, but by multiplying the layers of the painting in a way where even the signature in the front becomes a rupture in the face to face0.
The process, rather than the method, is each time a challenge! One often starts from a luminous, clear, white surface; in Mireze Aerts’work the inverse occurs.
As an engraver that looks for Light in the depths of blackness, the background work is in her painting fundamental (“The world is given from the background” P. Klee) and the inscription of the subject emerges from it.
Similarly to to the consequences of a “shadow” in the retina, here are the traces of different tempos of her work.
Color is a vibration, surface a thickness, and together they compose the ethereal imprint of Presence in this ambiguous distance she wants to establish."

Arie Mandelbaum


Dominique Thirion, artiste 


Performance réalisée au BRASS le 28 Novembre 2014.
Conception et Performance de Dominique Thirion, Composition et Interpretation musicale de Jef Mercelis & VJing interactif digital par Aurélien Merceron.
Avec le soutien de l'Agence Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre & Danse.

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